More about Cafe Muse

Cafe Muse, the brainchild of pianist Cordelia Williams, is inspired by the old cafés and salons of Paris and Vienna. As well as places to eat, drink and smoke, they became centres for literary, philosophical and artistic debate; in this 'bohemian' exchange of ideas and compositions lay the roots for lots of our most inspiring music, writing, and poetry. At Cafe Muse, we want to recreate this heady atmosphere. All the musicians talk about what they play, sharing the influences on the music (both artistic and personal) and discussing the issues of interpretation they face while studying it. Classical music does not have to be elitist, old-fashioned or stuffy, and musical knowledge and training is not required. Cafe Muse is simply a chance to enjoy some beautiful music, encounter some new ideas and share in music's timeless communication of emotions.

Projects combining music with relevant philosophy, art, literature and installation are in the pipeline.

Read an interview with Cordelia about Cafe Muse on the Two Moors Festival Blog.

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